One of the best wipe warmers on the market

For new parents, the wipe warmer is alluring and hard to resist. It’s the perfect fancy-schmancy, adorable gadget that you need so you can pretend you’re actually doing something earth-shattering, instead of changing a dirty diaper.

Despite their functionality, wipe warmers have gotten a bad rap for being overkill. Although a warm wipe is is going to get the dirty work done just as well as a room temperature wipe, the soothing warmth of a warm-wipe can’t be beat.

One of these products is the Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer. This warmer heats wipes to the perfect temperature and features a flip-top lid, a convenient viewing window and 10-minute light for nighttime changing.

You get a nice box that looks fairly well insulated, and there are lock buttons on either side.

The warming element is inside the lid and uses a soft gasket to keep the moisture in and dispense heat. You can use whatever wipes you like (we strongly recommend using Amazon Elements wipes.) We put a thermometer inside and the temperature came in at a little over 90 degrees.

The wipes tend to cool off quickly once taken out.

The cord for the Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer is about 8 feet long.

You can check the level to see how many more wipes you’ve got inside your unit.

For your baby’s comfort it’s well worth the money.

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